Here’s the most common questions we get. For more information, please send a message or call us directly.
What kind of machine do we use?

We use a mid-volume high quality nationally branded machine. We use the same type of soft serve machine in all of our venues. It’s the Southwest Airlines model: keep it simple.

Where do I get the product?

We have one stop shopping for supply chain. You get our proprietary mix, paper and goodies from one supplier.

Who services the machine?

There are national service programs in place for quick and reliable service for the equipment – most of which are done same day.

How much space does it take up?

Our crafted soft serve operation can be done in under 4 linear feet.

Do I need somebody to clean the machine?

Yes, it is the host’s responsibility to clean the machine as required, typically once each week. The machine we use is the most simple machine on the market to clean. We train you how to do it, and also provide YouTube and on-line video tutorials for machine cleaning.

Can you teach all of our employees to do ice cream?

Yes. It is a very simple process, one that many of them already know. Most everyone has been to a buffet with soft serve. It is as simple as pulling down the handle of the desired flavor. We also offer freshly made, hand rolled waffle cones and waffle bowls. These are easily and simply taught to all of your staff.

Who pays for service?

It depends on who owns the equipment. If you buy the equipment, you will be responsible for payment for service. If you take advantage of our equipment leasing program, we pay for service of the equipment as part of that program.

How does it work when added to our current core offering?

If we determine that Topper’s crafted soft serve is the right complementary product, it works great, because everyone loves soft serve. We always look for synergy opportunities with your core offering. If you offer fresh chocolate chip cookies, we will consider adding a chocolate chip cookie sundae, and perhaps an ice cream sandwich. This minimizes waste by deploying products that might have been discarded. We have recipes for cross use of many different products with our soft serve.

How much can I make?

It depends on what your sales are in additional crafted soft serve. Our target is for you to make at least 50% of the ice cream sales as bottom line profit. This allows for a very short return on investment time frame.